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  • Distance 46.49 km
  • Time 11 h 37 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude 0 m
  • Peak 0 m
  • Climb 0 m
  • Descent 0 m

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Fairy-tale castles and gardens, forts, all cycling distance from Amsterdam. Some were part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam (UNESCO World Heritage Site), others were owned by wealthy merchants from the Golden Age. Route includes diverse windmills, farms and gardens well worth cycleseeing!

1. Cycle Junction

Altitude: 2 m

2. Cycle Junction

Altitude: 3 m

3. Cycle Junction

Altitude: 2 m

4. Gunpowder Works “De Krijgsman”

Altitude: -0 m
Address: Kruitpad 15-14, 1398 PN Muiden, Nederland

The original mill in Amsterdam exploded. Unsurprisingly, permission wasn’t given to build a new factory. So, gunpowder production was relocated to Muiden in 1702. Yes, more explosions followed. The factory finally closed in 2004.

5. Westbatterij

Altitude: 3 m
Address: Westzeedijk, 1398 BB Muiden, Nederland

The West Battery’s function was to support Muiderslot Castle, defending the estuary of the river Vecht. Built in 1852, advances in war technology made it obsolete by 1885. After years of decay it is now used by a group of sea explorers.

6. Amsterdam Castle (Muiderslot)

Altitude: 3 m

A proper Medieval castle built in 1296 by order of Count Floris V. What was it like to be a knight or a noble lady? Find out for yourself, by dressing up in a beautiful fifteenth century costume. The castle is open for guided tours (www.muiderslot.nl for opening hours).

7. Fort H

Altitude: 4 m
Address: Herengracht 119, 1398 AE Muiden, Nederland

Part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam. Built between 1873-1877, today the fort is a peaceful restaurant and marina.

8. Vecht

Altitude: 1 m
Address: Lange Muiderweg 581, 1398 PA Muiden, Nederland

The river Vecht originates in Utrecht, as a sidearm of the Rhine. In the 17th century traders made their fortune by shipping to the Rhine and Northern Europe through the Zuiderzee (South Sea). Their large country estates can still be seen along the Vecht.

9. Cycle Junction

Altitude: 2 m

10. Weesp

Altitude: 4 m

700 years old, it’s one of the country’s 14 fortified towns. The protected historic centre has forts, windmills, a museum and some very welcoming terraces along the water.

11. Fort Ossenmarkt and Theetuin

Altitude: 3 m
Address: De Theetuin, Ossenmarkt 34, 1381 LX Weesp, Nederland

The fort was built in 1862, as part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam. Theetuin (tea garden) is an oasis of flowers and plants, dating back to 1674 (www.theetuin.nl).

12. Cycle Junction

Altitude: 1 m

13. Cycle Junction

Altitude: 3 m

14. Cycle Junction

Altitude: 1 m

15. Cycle Junction

Altitude: 4 m

16. Cycle Junction

Altitude: -0 m

17. Cycle Junction

Altitude: -2 m

18. Cycle Junction

Altitude: -1 m

19. Cycle Junction

Altitude: 3 m

20. Cycle Junction

Altitude: 2 m

21. Vensermolen

Altitude: 1 m
Address: Molenkade 60, 1115 AC Duivendrecht, Nederland

Part of a series of windmills which stood here throughout the centuries. Now there’s only one left, with no top and no sails.

22. The Bajes Kwartier

Altitude: 1 m
Address: H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 1400, 1096 DD Amsterdam, Nederland

Former prison complex. Now being replaced by an energy-neutral residential area. Everything demolished will be re-used. The bridges connecting the Bajes Kwartier to the city will be made from the old prison cell doors.

23. Riva

Altitude: 1 m

Last stop, a modern restaurant, international cuisine and a terrace with a beautiful view of the Amstel River. The perfect way to recover from the ride!

24. Cycle Junction

Altitude: 2 m

25. Weesperhaven and Ringvaart

Altitude: 5 m
Address: Wibautstraat 220, 1097 DN Amsterdam, Nederland

Weesperhaven: an inspiring neighbourhood initiative to create an environmentally friendly harbour. The perfect place to rent an electric boat! There’s also an intact ring dike at Watergraafsmeer, surrounding the lowest part of Amsterdam: 5 metres below water level.

26. Nesciobrug and Diemerpark

Altitude: 1 m
Address: Buitenkerkerweg 7, 1095 KL Amsterdam, Nederland

Award-winning Nesciobrug (Nescio Bridge), at 780 metres length, is the longest suspended cycle and footbridge in Holland. Diemerpark is a picturesque park opened in 2003. Built on what once was the most unpicturesque polluted area in the Netherlands.

27. Fort Diemerdam

Altitude: 4 m
Address: Overdiemerweg 37, 1111 PP Diemen, Nederland

Part of the 19th-century military Defence Line of Amsterdam. Now a pleasant stop for snacks (only Sunday afternoons).

28. Organic farm Groene Griffioen

Altitude: -0 m
Address: Lange Muiderweg 18a, 1382 LA Weesp, Nederland

Organic dairy farm, artisan cheese factory and shop. You can’t leave Holland without buying some cheese! Opening times: www.degroenegriffioen.nl

29. Gein River

Altitude: 2 m
Address: Gein Noord 83, 1391 HZ Abcoude, Nederland

Just 6 km long, it attracts many visitors due to the historic environment.

30. Gein Genoegen Cheese Farm

Altitude: 0 m
Address: Gein Noord 63, 1391 HW Abcoude, Nederland

Artisan dairy products straight from the land. Open Thursday - Saturday 9.00 am - 17:00 pm.

31. Mondriaan Molen

Altitude: -1 m
Address: Gein Zuid 14, 1391 GT Abcoude, Nederland

The Oostzijdse Molen is popularly known as the Mondriaan windmill, because the artist painted it over 20 times. If you ever fancied living in a windmill; it’s available for rent.

32. Fort bij Abcoude (Detour)

Altitude: 5 m
Address: Molenweg 19, 1391 CH Abcoude, Nederland

Oldest fort from the Defence Line of Amsterdam and almost entirely intact. Trees and shrubs in the area make it the perfect habitat for many birds including the kingfisher.

33. Abcoude

Altitude: 3 m
Address: Brugstraat 3, 1391 GH Abcoude, Nederland

In 1471 Abcoude was given the right to hold a Free Horse market. This fair grew and has now become a week-long party celebrated annually. Pitstop? Ollie's Coffee and More, the espresso bar in Abcoude.

34. Abcoudermeer

Altitude: 1 m
Address: Abcoudermeer 11, 1391 Abcoude, Nederland

Created around 1400 BC, because of flooding from the Zuiderzee (South Sea). Now used for swimming and skating.

35. Gaasperdam and Gein

Altitude: -0 m
Address: Parkhof 33, 1106 SX Amsterdam, Nederland

These areas are undergoing urban renewal, already including a pretty recreational park.

36. Gaasperplas

Altitude: -2 m
Address: Unnamed Road, 1108 Amsterdam, Nederland

Artificial lake. In 1982, the setting for the Floriade landscape and flower show. Some of the landscaped park still exists.

37. Driemond

Altitude: 1 m
Address: Lange Stammerdijk 3A, 1109 BK Amsterdam, Nederland

Literally translated, means “Threemouth” because three small rivers (Gein, Gaasp and Het Smal Weesp) meet here. Nice places to rest up: Villa Tante Bep and the village café of Driemond. Open daily from 16:00.

38. Gaaspermolen

Altitude: -2 m
Address: Lange Stammerdijk 14, 1109 BN Amsterdam, Nederland

Officially called Community Windmill Number 1, more well known by the name of the river Gaasp, which it serves. One of the oldest working windmills in the Amsterdam area.

39. Weespertrekvaart

Altitude: 2 m
Address: Stammerdijk 35c, 1112 AB Diemen, Nederland

A boat route constructed In 1639, connecting the Amstel with the Vecht river in Weesp.

40. Diemerbos

Altitude: 0 m
Address: Unnamed Road, 1112 Diemen, Nederland

New forest planted in 1990 to preserve the natural habitat in the area. During the planting, they found the remains of an ancient forest from 3,000 years ago.

41. Schuilkerk De Hoop

Altitude: 2 m
Address: Hartveldseweg 8F, 1111 BE Diemen, Nederland

In the 17th and 18th centuries only the Reformed religious community was allowed to practice its religion publicly. Other religions were tolerated, but their churches should not be recognizable as such. Hence the term “hiding church”.

42. Diemer bridge

Altitude: 1 m
Address: Anne Frankstraat 14, 1112 LL Diemen, Nederland

The original drawbridge was built in 1640. Now it is a remote controlled bridge connecting the old village and the Diemen-Zuid residential area. Feeling peckish? Try Restaurant Roediez.

43. Amsterdam Amstel train station

Altitude: 4 m
Address: Weesperzijde 190, 1097 DZ Amsterdam, Nederland

44. Abcoude train station

Altitude: -0 m
Address: Spoorlaan 14, 1391 TA Abcoude, Nederland

45. Amsterdam - Muiden (14 km)

Altitude: 2 m
Address: Thijs Hendriksenpad, 1095 Amsterdam, Nederland

46. Muiden - Weesp (4,7 km)

Altitude: 0 m
Address: Unnamed Road, 1398 Muiden, Nederland

47. Weesp - Abcoude (9,2 km)

Altitude: -1 m
Address: Gein Noord 42, 1391 HA Abcoude, Nederland

48. Driemond - Diemen Distance (5.9 km)

Altitude: 8 m
Address: A9, 1108 Amsterdam, Nederland

49. Diemen - Amsterdam (3,9 km)

Altitude: 0 m
Address: H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 179, 1096 AM Amsterdam, Nederland

50. Abcoude - Driemond (9 km)

Altitude: 1 m
Address: Meerkerkdreef 31, 1106 GZ Amsterdam, Nederland

51. Cycle Junction

Altitude: 3 m
Address: Muiden, Maxisweg, 1398 PR Muiden, Nederland

52. Cycle Junction

Altitude: 1 m
Address: Amsterdamsestraat 2-1, 1398 CG Muiden, Nederland

53. Station Weesp

Altitude: 3 m
Address: Achterherengracht 1A, 1382 XT Weesp, Nederland

54. Start

Altitude: 2 m
Address: Transvaalkade 133HS, 1091 LT Amsterdam, Nederland

Fairy-tale castles and gardens, forts, all cycling distance from Amsterdam. Some were part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam (UNESCO World Heritage Site), others were owned by wealthy merchants from the Golden Age. Route includes diverse windmills, farms and gardens well worth cycleseeing!