19 augustus 2020 07:33

New Land: Almere

  • Distance 36.21 km
  • Time 9 h 3 min
  • Speed 4.0 km/h
  • Min altitude -6 m
  • Peak 5 m
  • Climb 160 m
  • Descent 160 m

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New Land Almere

No other landscape in the Netherlands breathes ‘20th century’ as much as New Land does, with its modern polder cities such as Almere, acting as architectural museums. In beautiful and complementary contrast on this are the natural areas such as Lepelaarplassen and Oostvaardersplassen.

Level 1: Almere City Centre – Lepelaarsplassen

12,1 km (± 41 mins)

1a. Pioneers of Almere City Follow junction 50 to 1 and cycle past the houses of the first settlers in the new city of Almere City Center, from 1981.

1b. Lepelaarsplassen Just after Beatrix Park, look at the remarkable and diverse houses of Noorderplassen West. There you cycle between the Noorderplassen and the Lepelaarsplassen nature reserve. Stop at a viewing hut and see how many of the 300 types of birds you can spot.

1c. Trekvogel Visitor Centre The Oostvaardsdijk protects the polder. You might think you’re on dry land, but you’re officially five meters below sea level! Quickly cycle to the Trekvogel visitor centre, located in a former engineer’s house that was once on an island, actually the first part of Holland’s ‘new land’.


Level 2: Lepelaarsplassen – Oostvaardersplassen

7,0 km (± 24 mins)

2a. Oostvaardersdijk Bike over the dike, with a favourable wind, you might feel like cycling all the way to Lelystad. Or complete your round of Almere.

2b. Oostvaardersplassen On your left, the Oostvaardersplassen. A unique nature reserve of international importance as a swamp and habitat for birds. Large herds of Heck cattle, Konik horses (originally from Poland) and red deer are grazing in the grassy area.

2c. Oostvaardersplassen Nature Experience Centre This Level ends at Nature Experience Centre “De Oostvaarders” (open daily 10:00 – 17:00). The perfect place to start the Oostvaardersplassen journey of discovery. Explore further, you’ll find a nice cup of coffee on the ground floor at Paviljoen de Oostvaarders.


Level 3: Oostvaardersplassen – Almere City Centre

16,7 km (± 58 mins)

3a. Almere Architecture and land art Cycle along the Lage Vaart for some striking buildings and land art. For example the remarkable buildings called the Rode Donders (Red Devils) or the five concrete elephants by sculptor Tom Claassen which weigh 40 tons each.

3b. Shopping in city centre Via Hanny Schaft Park, you arrive at a shopping area which is officially recognised as one of the best city centres in the Netherlands. While shopping, notice the many buildings designed by the world’s best-known architects. Finally, hop on the train to Amsterdam and have one last peek at this typical Dutch landscape where water and land.